Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Problems I Have

Top 10 Tuesday

  • MY TBR List will be the death of me one day.

I work a full time job that takes up the majority of my time, which doesn’t really leave me with many options when it comes to sitting down with nothing else to do or think about except the book in my hand. Due to the not-so-rapid pace that I’m able to pump out reading sessions, my TBR list is unreal. I have more unread books then I really know what to do with. It’s enough to make me seriously consider having a social life just to attempt to catch up. Hell, I don’t doubt that I’d quit my job to read more books. But, don’t let me put ideas like that in my head.

  • every book seems to be a part of a series and i can’t just not finish the series.


This is a problem I seem to always be dealing with. It seems like every book that I pick up is the first book of a series, which is fine if the remainder of the series is already published. I was a late bloomer to the Divergent series, so I was able to read all three back to back (or at least as back to back as I was able to do). But, what am I to do when the next book of a series isn’t going to be published for another year? Cry? Pout? Throw a temper tantrum? I guess I’ll go read something else. I guess.

  • There is no such thing as a comfortable reading position, it is a myth, a legend and a lie.

If my back doesn’t start hurting, my neck is uncomfortable or my arms get tired from holding the book out in front of me. Can’t I just pay someone to hold the book for me?

  • the whole ebook versus physical book DILEMMA.

Since the conception of ebooks, my purses have been thanking me for carrying my iPad instead of four separate books. But, I’m your typical Rory Gilmore, I must have a book for every occasion/method of transportation. And who doesn’t love the smell of books? I can’t step into a bookstore without coming out with haul six books strong, but don’t let me get at the Kindle or ibooks store with a good credit card either.

  • it’s impossible for me to read one book at a time.

Like I said before, I need a book for every occasion, one on every device, it’s a serious problem. They try to make me go to rehab, but I won’t go, go go.

  • always the book before the movie.


This is more of an issue my best friend and husband have to deal with. I’m not much of a “movie theater” person, unless it involves being able to enjoy a beer and good food, so I don’t mind taking my time to read the book prior to seeing the movie. They, however, have to listen to me point out every difference and give each a thorough review.

  • what’s wrong with wanting to live in a library?

I’d be okay with every wall being covered in shelving for my books. Easy access.

  • too many books, too little time.

With how many amazing books are published every year, how am I suppose to read ALL of them before I die? Consider this my formal request for immortality.

  • my strange addiction: book lists.

Every list that has ever been complied containing books of any kind, I finish them. I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to my cause. I also plan on reading every book Emma Roberts has ever posted on her Instagram.

  • I hate hardcovers.

I do own them, but I can’t really stand reading hardcover books. Paperback books are so convenient. The problem is that they are released later and, of course, even though I have other things to read how can I possibly wait to buy the book?

what bookish problems do you suffer from?

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