The Friday Five: February 20, 2015

Friday Five

The Friday Five is my version of a weekly round-up of things I found interesting, entertaining, hilarious and/or down right shocking all around the many, many corners of the internet. Sidenote: The things I come across are not ALWAYS super new, so…well, deal with it. Also they’ll probably be mostly YouTube videos. Again, I apologize for nothing.

1. brian justin crum and janel parrish cover sam smith’s single “lay me down”.

Like I mentioned in my last point, I’m a pretty fanatical Pretty Little Liars fan. Like a true, crazy fan, I follow most of the cast members on the ole’ Instagram. Janel Parrish’s instagram always bring a smile to my face, so when I saw she was doing a cover of Lay Me Down with Broadway star Brian Justin Crum, I semi-stalked his YouTube channel until the video was posted. Sam Smith is just a beautiful soul and that shows in how simply amazing his music is (at least in my opinion). I’m also a bit bias as I’ve been known to do a rendition or two of his songs at karaoke. I was super pleased with this cover. Visually it’s beautiful and Crum’s and Parrish’s voice compliment each other in a sweet way.

2. lennon and maisy stella cover charli xcx’s “boom clap”.

If there is one thing you’ll quickly learn about me, it’s that I’m a sucker for guilty pleasures. One of my big ones is the show Nashville, starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere (pan-uh-tee-air). On the show YouTube sensations Lennon and Maisy Stell play Rayna James’ (Britton) daughters. Boy, do these girls have some talent. I’m not the biggest fan of this song, but the Stella sister’s sure made it worth my while. If you’ve never heard them sing before, they don’t have the best updated channel, but their videos are definitely worth checking out.

3. skylar astin is the nice jewish boy i should bring home to my parents.

My husband is what I like to call Jew-adjacent (he’s half on his mother’s side). But, thanks to Buzzfeed, now I know who I could quickly replace him with at a moment’s notice. Click the link above to see who you match with.

via tumblr

4. adult wednesday addams would most definitely be my new best friend.

Wednesday’s feminist game is on point. Nuff said.

5. alan cumming’s “celibacy challenge”.

Actor Alan Cumming’s made this video in response to the FDA’s recent recommendations on ending the lifetime ban on homosexual men from giving blood. Basically, for the last thirty or so years, the FDA wouldn’t allow any man who has had sexual contact with another man to give blood to save others due to a higher risk for HIV infection. This ban was backed up by the lack of scientific evidence to prove otherwise. The update of the ban would merely changes it to state that gay men who have abstained from sex for an entire year would be the only eligible donors, basically still discriminating the majority of homosexual and bisexual men from donating. Source.

Have a great weekend!

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