Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

Top 10 Tuesday


I really just wanted to start of with a fairly obvious chickadee right off the bat. I’ll take a strong girl who can bravely take on the task of becoming the figurehead of a civil rebellion who can handle her own with a bow and arrows any day of the week.

  • hermione granger from the harry potter series

Again, a fairly obvious one, but I couldn’t leave out our favorite bushy haired genius. I’m a giant Harry Potter fan, so it only seemed fitting to add her to the list. Of course, if it weren’t for Hermione I’m not quite sure Harry and Ron would have made it to the final book. She single-handedly kept the series alive.

  • tris prIOR from the divergent series

I’m starting to realize that there are going to be many series based heroines on this list. I will admit, for the majority of the series, Tris angered me to no end. Maybe it was her selflessness, but whatever, that’s my beef. Regardless, she was the reason I kept reading the series. She was brave, bold, stubborn and pushed against the norms of the society she had grown up in.

  • diana bishop from the all souls trilogy

The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness were some of the best books I read in 2014, well, when I say read I me listened to the audiobooks. I devoured this series. Diana is a pretty interesting protagonist, she’s extremely intelligent, rational, and felt real. While, yes, there is a twlighty romance story, the mix of magic, the supernatural and time travel was addicting. Diana is the Hermione of the Americas.


I love The Series of Unfortunate Events and recently reread the series. I also love my heroines with a good brain. I really wish I could invent things as creative and basically out of thin air as Violet does.

  • lisbeth salander from the millennium series

Lisbeth is definitely not your typical heroine, but I’d for sure want her around in a pinch. Photographic memory and serious hacker skills have to count for something.

  • alice quinn from the magicians trilogy

Sure, Alice isn’t really around the trilogy for the entirety of it, but she’s a legit badass. Best magician in her class and willing to put up with her not so great boyfriend Quentin, she really grew from being a shy, quiet girl into a fierce female.

  • elizabeth bennet from pride and prejudice and zombies by seth grahame-smith

Two words: Jane Austen and Zombies. Okay that was three, so sue me.

  • isabelle lightwood from the mortal instruments series

I would be best friends with Izzy, I swear. I also would attempt to steal her badass bracelet. She’s such a strong female presence who can kick ass and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

  • clarke griffin from the 100 series

Who’d have to be pretty awesome to be unwillingly dropped on a planet that will most likely kill you and survive. Clarke is strong-willed and the type to immediately jump to action to protect her people.

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