Friday Five: March 6, 2015

Friday Five

The Friday Five is my version of a weekly round-up of things I found interesting, entertaining, hilarious and/or down right shocking all around the many, many corners of the internet. Sidenote: The things I come across are not ALWAYS super new, so…well, deal with it. Also they’ll probably be mostly YouTube videos. Again, I apologize for nothing.

1. bookriot’s reading pathways: chuck palahniuk

While I’m currently in the process of making my second go around on Palahniuk’s library of intense literature, I strongly agree that if you haven’t read anything by him, you seriously should. I don’t exactly agree with BookRiot’s recommended sequence of the three novels they chose, but you have to start somewhere. Personally, I always recommend Invisible Monsters first and Fight Club last.

2. The genius that is dan wilbur.

Dan Wilbur is a hilarious comic who takes time out of his busy day to photoshop Better Book Titles on various books that we all know and love. Personally, his adaptation of Jane Eyre is one of my favorites. He also has a podcast and it’s also about books.

3. this amazingly adorable MENAGERIE of stuffed animals.

My best friend’s younger sister is pregnant, which means I’m basically becoming an aunt by proxy. I’ve been spending time looking for some unique baby gifts to get her for her baby shower and came across this article from Paste Magazine. By the article’s name, I definitely want to keep these all for myself. Kids don’t appreciate stuff anyway, right?

4. if google were a guy!

My boss, funny enough, was the one to show this to me. There are three videos total revolving around the same idea and they are each perfect in every way. There were a few times I almost spit my coffee all over his desk while watching. It really hits home.

5. i want to sing with noah guthrie.

I’m a gleek and I have no shame in admitting that. I have religiously and faithfully watched every episode and I’m ready to say goodbye after this final season ends. It’ll be a bittersweet, emotional goodbye. Noah Guthrie portrays Roderick, one of the new kids in the glee club. Though, Guthrie is more popularly known around the youtube verse for his amazing singing and cover videos. I live under a rock sometimes, so I really only heard of him thanks to the show. BUT DAMN! Boy can sing.

have a great weekend!

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