What’s Going On With Me?

Hey guys! Over the last two weeks I’ve been a bit MIA thanks to work and the week long vacation I just returned from with my husband. To be nice to my husband, who has to deal with the fact that I’m either glued to a book, my iPad (reading a book) or just my laptop in general, while on vacation I pretty much unplug. Which only means that I made the conscious decision to leave my laptop at home. I suppose I could have blogged a bit from my iPad, but there is something about typing on that screen for more than a few sentences that really bothers me. Plus, it’s incredibly hard to finish any content when you’re itching to hit the roulette table to earn back that money Vegas so clearly owes me. It was an incredibly fun two weeks, but, honestly, a week is a bit too long to be completely unaware of what’s going on around me in the world or on the interwebs. I’m glad to be back in the comfort of my own home with working internet.

Here’s what i’ve been up to

It was an phenomenon that we had two Friday the 13th’s in a row. Maybe phenomenon isn’t the word to describe it, since calendars are fairly set in stone, but I thought it was pretty damn cool. A good friend of mine and former coworker happens to be my tattoo artist and works at a shop that offers $13 dollar tattoos to celebrate the date. Maybe an unlucky date isn’t the best day to get a tattoo, but I’ve done pretty okay so far. Last month, he knocked out a quick tiny Deathly Hallows on my wrist. This month, I went with a good girl friend of mine and we decide to finally bite the bullet and get little dinosaurs on our ankles. We’ve talked about doing this for a while. Dinosaurs have somehow become the icon of our friendship over the years. So introducing Alfie! He’s my tiny purple longneck dinosaur and yes, he was meant to be Barney colors.

I colored my hair this not so mellow highlighter yellow color. I have a certain reputation for changing up my hair at least once a month. You can check out my Instagram to see the constant circle of colors I go through. This yellow color is from the neon on line by Pravana and I absolutely love it. I also think it makes me a little more Asian than I already am (the peace sign picture doesn’t help), I’ve been getting anime jokes throw at me ever since I came back to work with this color.

I started out my vacation with a trip up to Phoenix to see my best friend’s dad’s ’55 Chevy win the prestigious title of Best Chevy Muscle. It is so well deserved. He’s been working on this car on and off for the last two decades and my husband has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it over the last six. I’m so proud to see this car finally done, running and turning heads.


After my weekend in Phoenix admiring the beauty of the automotive, my husband and I flew a whopping hour to Sin City herself. Vegas is pretty much a second home to us, while I’ve been going at least once a year since I was a kid with my parents, we’ve been enjoying the thrills of Paradise together some four times a year since we turned twenty-one. We were total gambling noobs until we met our good friends Peter and Kevin on Halloween night five years ago, who after gaining some luck with our presence have been our Vegas traveling buddies ever since. This week wasn’t our best when it came to our the roulette table, but it’s never a dull time.

A great end came to my vacation when upon coming home I received this month’s BookRiot quarterly box. I have a bad addiction to subscription boxes, but BookRiot never fails to deliver.

What’s up with you?

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