Top Ten Tuesday: Books From My Childhood/Teen Years I’d Like to Revisit

Top 10 Tuesday

1.i am the cheese by robert cormier

Honestly, it’s been such a long time since I’ve read this book, I really barely remember the actual events. I do remember how it was basically written entirely in flashbacks and amazing. My older sister gave me this book when I was a kid and I’ve been meaning to reread it.

2. the pigman by paul zindel

This was another present from my sister from when I was little. I was obsessed with the Pigman books. I think these were the first books that actually made me interested in doing my own writing. What’s really awesome about it is that it’s literally the story of one man, told by two people.

3. The baby-sitter’s club series

Oh man, I’ve been wanting to reread The Baby-Sitter’s Club books so bad lately. I used to get into so much trouble staying up late to finish every book. I wonder what ever happened to my collection of them. Hmm.

4. baby-sitter’s little sister series

If you thought my love for The Baby-Sitter’s Club books was intense, I was just as bad if not worse when it came to the Little Sister series. There were many times that my dad completely lost me in the library while I holed up in the kid’s section with four or five books from the series to devour.

5. matlida by roald dahl

I personally think that Roald Dahl deserves to be all ten of these books on the list, but I’m not sure that would be the most fair to all the other amazing books I’ve read over the years. Matlida was always my favorite, I used to pretend that I was her. That my love of books was that intense and especially that I had telekinesis.

6. sideways stories from wayside school series

If there is one book series that I’m always looking for when I go to a used bookstore it’s the Wayside School series. I’ve surprisingly met so many (read: too many) people that haven’t read this series. I’ve still yet to find a copy, though, which is as interesting as it is aggravating.

7. the wonderful wizard of oz by l. frank baum

Another series I wanted to jump into. I actually own most of the Oz series and tend to throw them at everyone who doesn’t know that the story ends with the death of the Wicked Witch of the West. I tend to do the same with everyone who thinks Wicked is just a musical from Broadway.

8. the phantom tollbooth by norton juster

Words cannot explain how much I absolutely loved this book when I was a kid and how much I’d love to read it again.

9. the giving tree by shel silverstein

Who didn’t love Shel Silverstein? I’m pretty sure if my parents had let me I would have dragged one of his books with me everywhere I went. It was bad enough that I had a tendency to quote a few poems from heart for some time.

10. the little house series

To this day I’m not really sure if I actually liked this series or the TV series or if I just read them to pass the time. Regardless, they were very much a part of my reading life growing up.

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