My Summer of Toni Morrison


As I mentioned in a previous post, for the majority of the month of April I suffered from a severe case of the I’M-JUST-NOT-READING’s or the book slumps. After consulting various bookish sites for help, suggestions, or merely just to bang my head on my keyboard in the comment section, I came up with this idea. Okay, it’s not so much my idea or necessarily the most original idea, but it’s all I have at the moment.

During the duration of the summer, precisely between the dates of June 21st and September 23rd, I’m going to attempt to read every novel, or as many as possible, written by the notorious Toni Morrison. Hence dubbing it, my summer of Morrison.

During high school, I picked up a copy of Sula. I can’t really remember if it was for an assignment or if I was feeling gutsy, but I remember that for one reason or another I never finished the book. I blame adolescence. I listen to a lot of book podcasts and am a loyal book news reader and the constant mention of Morrison, not only because of her recent novel, but in general, has got me feeling a bit guilty. Guilty because I’ve spent the time to hate read the entire 50 Shades trilogy, but have still never finished a Morrison book. My priorities seem a bit off. 

My only issue with this idea or issues rather are that’s quite a bit of books to read in that amount of time given my already busy schedule, but also because I’m unsure of how to tackle this list. Should I read them in order of their publishing dates? Is there some secret order in which I will find the most joy in them?  At the moment, I’m learning towards date order, mostly due to my obscene OCD and love of lists. But, if any of you have any recommendations I would absolutely love to hear them. 

One thought on “My Summer of Toni Morrison

  1. Zezee says:

    Wow! That is quite a task to accomplish but all the best to you. You can try reading Beloved, then Jazz, and then Paradise. I’ve heard that they are intended as a trilogy together. I enjoyed Beloved and Jazz when I read them. I attempted Sula when I was in high school and couldn’t understand it. I read the who thing but the imagery threw me off. I attempted it again in college and still couldn’t get it so now in my late 20s I shall attempt it again. Third time’s the charm.
    I hope you have fun with this. That’s a lot of history you’ll be covering in Morrison’s books too.


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