BOTNS Summer Bingo!

Oh man, the last couple of weeks have been busy! Never fear though, I’m starting to see the light at the end of this stressful tunnel. My mantra is “survive, just survive!” Normally (look at me pretending that I have a normally), as today is Friday, I would post my Friday Five. However, I’ve barely been on my phone or computer unless it was to get some work done. The only thing I actually took the time to search out was Demi Lovato’s new music video for Cool for the Summer. Mostly, because I’m only completely obsessed with her. So consider that my Friday One that I’ve watching five times. That counts right? Right.

Anyway, I’ve probably have mentioned it a lot and will continue to mention that I’m a huge podcast listener. When I’m not listening to Joy Williams’ new album on repeat or surviving traffic with a good audiobook, I can most likely be found glued to my podcast app. One of my must listens is Books on the Nightstand and this year I’ve decided to attempt to participate in their summer bingo challenge…albeit late, as usual. Technically, the challenge start in May, but what am I but a procrastinator? Regardless, here goes nothing, at least until September 7 (which just so happens to be the day before my birthday).

Below is the card that I will be playing with. You can get your own here. I’ll be playing but cutting up my categories and drawing them from a really hipster mason jar.

Fantasy Longer than 500 pages Borrowed from the library With time travel Set in South America
Published in 2015 A dark, upsetting, or sad book (like episode #325) By a small press By a Canadian author A banned book
10 short stories An academic/campus novel BOTNS BOOK BINGO
(free square)
By an author who shares your first name Popular Science
Manga Popular Psychology Last book of an author before he/she died or retired By or about a member of the LGBTQ community Cozy Mystery
Set in Asia Set during a war or conflict Has been on your TBR for longer than two years Set in a place you want to visit. With an animal as a key character

Who else is playing?

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