Bout of Books 14: Recap

Well, my internet picked the PERFECT week to completely shut down on me. Granted, that was partially my fault for letting my husband open the mail and “accidentally” misplace the internet bill to be forgotten until the internet company turned it off completely. I wasn’t the happiest camper when I found that out. It also didn’t help that we’ve smack dab in the middle of monsoon season, so it’s storming often and that shuts down our power every so often. All in all, not the best week to be on the computer for me.

As for my first read-a-thon, I’d say I did pretty well considering my lack of internet. I wasn’t able to really participate in the challenges the last couple of days, but I did post a pretty satisfying MASH game to my twitter.


Reading wise, I didn’t tackle much of my TBR list as was to be expected, but I pretty much read through the majority of the trade paperback comic books that I’ve been hoarding for a time to sit down and read through as many as possible. I love comics. Like a lot. And I really need to devote more time to reading them.

Bout of Books 14

Books Finished

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison (audiobook; 7 hours, 6 minutes)
Gotham City Sirens: Book One (trade paperback; 320 pages)
Ms. Marvel, Vol. One: No Normal (trade paperback; 120 pages)
Rat Queens, Vol. One: Sass & Sorcery (trade paperback; 128 pages)
Saga: Vol. One (trade paperback; 160 pages)
Saga: Vol. Two (trade paperback; 168 pages)
The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. One: The Faust Act (trade paperback; 144 pages)
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling (hardcover; 352 pages)
The Walking Dead, Vol. Two: Miles Behind Us (trade paperback; 136 pages)
Wild Fire (John Corey #4) by Nelson DeMille (audiobook; 18 hours, 51 minutes)

Books Started

Grey by EL James (ebook; 48% finished)
The Lion (John Corey #5) by Nelson DeMille (audiobook; 5 hours, 10 minutes listened)
Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen (hardback; 7 pages read)

Total Stats

Hours Listened: 31 hours approximately
Comic Pages Read: 1176 pages
Hardcover Pages Read: 143 pages
Ebook Pages Read: 262 pages

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