Bout of Books: Day Four


Day four!! I don’t really have anything witty to say about day four of Bout of Books. I was going to say “other than” but then realized I really don’t have any clever thing to say. So without further embarrassment to my lack of interesting things to comment on … ON TO TODAY’S CHALLENGE!


Today’s challenge was hosted by Cynthia at Bingeing on Books and her challenge was to pick two villains from two separate books that you’d love to see fight each other.


I picked the King of Adarlan of the Throne of Glass series (which, if you don’t know me, is probably my favorite series right now) to face off against Queen Levana Blackburn of the Lunar Chronicles.

When I originally was thinking about this pairing I was thinking that their mutual use of magic would be pretty interesting. But, when I started to think harder about this pairing I realized that this is probably a match made in freaking heaven. Can you imagine his demons with her mind control glamour thing (okay, I’ve only read Cinder guys, I don’t really know all that much about her yet). They’d love each other. That’s all I’m saying.

I not so great at this challenge.

Reading Update

My reading for the day is honestly just starting. I’m hoping to have a better chuck of Hunger Makes me a Modern Girl done. My hold on the book from Overdrive finally expired and I ended up buying the book today, so I can’t stop now.

Happy Day Four of #boutofbooks!


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