Blog Tour: Origin (The Eaters: Book One) by Corrie Brundage

Welcome to my tour stop for Origin by Corrie Brundage, the first book in The Eaters trilogy. This is an adult science fiction and the tour runs June 6-July 11 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About Origin, The Eaters #1

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So not your usual post-apocalyptic, clone vs. hybrid romance-adventure…

Brilliant, brave, determined, and just a little bit…distracted.  Meet Dr. Mina Brice, dedicated savior of species, and scientist with a secret. On a planet ravaged by climate change, her ability to mind-meld with earth’s imperiled beasts has made her a valued member of a team dedicated to saving as many as they can from extinction.  Unfortunately, Mina’s inability to connect with her fellow humans has kept most of them at arms length. Except for Jack—handsome, dashing-with-a-touch of goofy, totally distracting Jack. Dr. Jack MacConnell was never supposed to be part of Mina’s gameplan.  But when thrown together on a crazy-dangerous mission, both fate and a deadly tsunami seem determined to propel them down the same fraught—and occasionally delicious—path. Perhaps forever?

 But forever turns out to be a fluid commodity when both awaken 500 years into the future in a city called Origin. Presided over by aliens known as The Travelers, it is a world at once familiar and totally strange. And for Mina and Jack, it will become a battleground…against a hybrid race of predators loosed on the human population, against those whose dark side is so very carefully hidden,  and even, as fate throws a heartwrenching twist their way, against…each other?

Corrie Brundage kicks off The Eaters trilogy with an intoxicating tale of pulse-pounding action for fans of urban fantasy and science fiction to devour and savor.


I’m a complete sucker for all things Science Fiction; there is something about the endless possibilities of a world that really fuels my love of reading. Origin is absolutely an amazing beginning to this unique story and world created by Corrie Brundage. After a bit of a rut in my reading lately, this was truly the book I needed to kick me back into my groove.

The world Brundage created is equally beautiful and amazing, yet; at the same time fills me with a bit of horror. Biologist, Dr. Mina Brice, lived a life dedicated to protecting animals in a slightly future world that scarily could be our very future here on Earth. Her scientific career brings her to Nigeria where she very secret and uncanny ability to telepathically link herself with animals brings her success in a mission to save primates from poachers and the increasing environmental issues the world is facing. Her mission also reunites her with Dr. Jack MacConnell, who is as charming and funny as he is attractive and sparks fly faster than a firework on the Fourth of July. That is, until she dies. Do I have your attention yet?

Centuries later, Mina wakes up in a lab, fully aware of everything that has happened to her and the man she had and lost. However, the future seems bright. Sure, she’s a clone and that’s a bit strange to wrap your head around, but this is a chance at a second life. Sure, there’s a totally creepy, lady called The Director who reminds me a bit of Dolores Umbridge without the cats, but what could possibly go wrong? More so, what could go wrong when Mina is miraculously reunited with Jack who also so happens to be a clone? Technology far surpasses anything Mina knew in her last life, she’s happily playing house with the man she loves and she gets to continue her work with animals. But, clearly something has to crack the shiny newness of this world.

Mina is such a likeable character and thanks to her scientific and psychological background, she actually possesses the ability to think rationally on her feet when things start to go awry. I really loved following her on this journey; it was refreshing to read a protagonist that didn’t make me feel like I wanted to rip my hair out over her decisions. I do wish that we learned more about her telepathic abilities, but this book very clearly opens this topic up for discussion in the next books.

Origin not only is a great first book, but was able to leave me satisfied in a way not many first books in a series have. I’m so excited to devour more of the series to see just what is possible in a new world that is seemingly perfect in every way.

About the Author:

Corrie Brundage is a former model, opera singer, and personal trainer who, out of sheer boredom and personal relief from planetary insanity, completed five novels in the space of twelve months. She pumps iron, is a political junkie, and is a dedicated animal advocate.

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