Harlette Live: #TucsonandAcoustic on 102.1 KFMA Shmonty in the Morning

So, I haven’t been posting very much lately and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t really been reading all that much either. Thanks to a lot of changes both personally and professionally, I’ve been taking the last couple of months to really get all of that shit in order. It’s taken a bit longer than I would like, but what can you do?

I live a pretty busy lifestyle. I work a very demanding full-time career for a very good company and I love my job. But, like I said it’s demanding. Even when I’m not physically in my office, I’m always working. Sometimes I think I’m literally incapable of thining about anything else but work. And though I haven’t really been finding the time to read, which is my real love in life, I’ve been busy catching up with some other hobbies in my life. One of the things I have been trying to learn during this time is that I need to leave time for all the loves in my life.

I’ve recently gotten back into rock climbing, which has been a frustrating blast. I’ve been rock climbing off and on since my early teens and thankfully married a man who shares my love for the outdoors and climbing. However, we took a break off in the last year, both because it’s expensive and we have literally no time.

I’ve also been focusing on the band that my husband and I started roughly six years ago. We call ourselves Harlette. We’re a four piece alternative, blue rock…okay, I really have zero idea how to put our sound into words. We play heavier music? Anyway, one of my reasons for posting is because this morning we played on one of our local radio stations in Tucson for their #TucsonandAcoustic local music set. Like I said before, we play heavier music, so acoustic is really abnormal for us. Regardless, I’m really stoked to post this video that the station took of us! So without further ado.

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