Top Ten Tuesday: Podcasts To Listen To


This week’s TTT is an audio freebie. Being the huge podcast nerd that I am what better than to list all of the beautiful podcasts that keep me from reading, but make my morning commute that much more bearable.

1. Harmontown

I’m a giant fan of anything Dan Harmon touches and that totally includes his podcast Harmontown that has been running out of Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles for a few years. There isn’t really much of a format to the show, but that’s sort of the fun of it. Dan tackles topics on his mind from his strange dealings with race and his own personal mental struggles to the tree in his front yard that may be dying and farting. It’s pretty great.

2. The Smartest Man in the World

Greg Proops is the flyest mother fucker on the planet. He is so intelligent and so funny. I honestly learn some crazy information listening to his podcast, about him and the world around me.

3. The Nerdist

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a total geek? Like most readers, but honestly probably more, I’m a HUGE pop culture addict. I live, breathe and just plain out survive knowing strange pop culturey information. The Nerdist and Chris Hardwick have always been my go to for the best interviews and all the best pop culture news and references. My dream job is totally working for Hardwick.

4. Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!

Who doesn’t love trivia? I mean really. This is the best trivia gameshow on Earth. It totally gives me a false sense of security and knowledge for my weekly pub quiz outings.

5. Welcome To Night Vale

I’m a sucker for weird, even creepy, funny fictional podcasts. I’ve been a giant Night Vale fan since the beginning, but please don’t tell anyone that I haven’t read the book yet. I OWN IT! But, there is just so little time in the day when you listen to as many podcasts as I do.

6. Nerd Poker

I’m always just outing myself for being a giant freaking nerd. I love DND. I love my DND group and the only thing that I love just as much is listening to comedians play Dungeons and Dragons. At the moment Brian Posehn, comedian and creator of the podcast, hasn’t been updating with any new shows after taking a hiatus sometime last year (I think it was last year), but thanks to reddit, I’ve seen rumors of them making a comeback soon. This is by far Earwolf’s best podcast, so I’m really hoping the rumors are true.

7. Book Riot – The Podcast

Of course, I have to put a book related podcast on the list and what better than Book Riot’s podcast? This podcast is my go to for book related news and content at the beginning of my week and really gets me pumped for a week of hardcore reading. Though, I will say my TBR list has been growing at an out of control rate thanks to them.

8. This American Life

This American Life has always been one of my favorite radio shows, it was actually This American Life that turned me over to listening to podcasts in the first place. Ira Glass puts on the most riveting, theme based show of journalistic content. Some of the stories told on the show leave me shocked, awed and at times very emotional. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to push outside of their bubble.

9. 2 Dope Queens

Can’t have a podcast post without mentioning the Dope Queens of comedy, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams (who you may recognize from her time on The Daily Show). This is a great, honest, very millennial comedy podcast show casing so many amazing comics and story tellers. As a bonus, also check out Phoebe’s solo podcast Sooo Many White Guys.

10. We’re Alive

This podcast has been going on FOREVER, but I just recently started listening to the entire backlog of episodes. I’ve now listened to two straight years of zombie survival and CAN NOT GET ENOUGH. I’m sort of super duper obsessed at the moment.


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