#wearehuman Riveted Readathon


I actually meant to post about this a while ago (read: back on National Coming Out Day; October 11th), but thanks to some scheduling conflicts I haven’t had that much time to put together a post. Anyway, I was really excited to see that Riveted and Simon Pulse were teaming up with the It Gets Better Project to spread awareness and the release of Boy Robot by Simon Curtis by hosting a readathon! LGBTQ issues, rights and lives are extremely important to me for many reasons, which is mostly the reason why I am very excited to be participating in this readathon.

How can you help? Join the Robot Army and READ! Reading literary fiction has been shown to improve empathy, making people better able to connect with their fellow human beings so for the Riveted Readathon, we’re giving you the opportunity to read eight great books featuring LGBTQ characters for free! AND, if we get 5,000 total reads by 11/11, we’ll DOUBLE OUR DONATION (currently $5000)! It’s that simple: read free books, help us donate more money!

Rivited is offering the following books to read for free until November 11th, so get your reading on!

city-of-bones-9781481455923_hr love-blind-9781481416931 secrets-lies-and-scandals-9781481449540 three-truths-and-a-lie-9781481449601 13598580-_sy540_ we-are-the-ants-9781481449632_hr promposal-9781481422314 21525970 boyrobot_jkt_web-600x905

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