January TBR


Man, oh man. I know it’s only been 2017 for roughly two days, but I am so glad to have 2016 in my dust. It was such a crazy year of ups and downs. I still have a bit of emotional whiplash from just surviving the year in the condition that I did. Which is to say, incredibly sick. I’m now somewhere in week two of an insane cold and overdosing myself with Emergen-C and Airborne just trying to kick it.

But, even despite my current sickness, I’m so glad to be done with 2016, not just because of how many celebrity deaths there were or the change of political climate in America, but because I really had a rough reading year. While I had planned on reading upwards of 100 books in 2016, which I surpassed the year before, but I ended up barely hitting the halfway mark. I’m hoping to turn that around and really hit this next year running…or reading…maybe both. But, let’s not get too crazy.

Here’s my January 2017 TBR!

22055262 20764879

26025989 15507958

23437156 18143977

What are you reading this month?


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