Review: Eric Olafson, Space Pirate by Vanessa Ravencroft

33142375Audiobook Title: Eric Olafson, Space Pirate
Author: Vanessa Ravencroft
Publisher: Inkitt
Release Date: Mar. 11, 2017

It’s the year 5021 and the Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with life and exotic species. The majority of the known civilizations have formed a multi-cultural mega organization called the United Stars of Galaxies. This Union is protected by the brave men and women of the United Stars Space fleet against external threats.

Eric Olafson, born and raised under harsh conditions of the traditional and inward looking society of Nilfeheim, left his planet to fulfill his dreams of becoming a Starship captain.

When Eric gets kidnaped by an unknown organization and brought to Sin4, he slowly starts to discover his central role in an ancient conflict of cosmic proportions.

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